Using of VPN on Android Can Be Dangerous!

There are many reasons for using VPN on a smartphone. Some users thus bypass site blocking. Others — in order to increase the security and confidentiality of their actions on the Internet. Still others just want to have an access to the content that is not available in their country. But is using a VPN so safe as we are used to think?

By the way, our application works without restrictions in all countries.

What danger do VPN applications bring along?

Not surprisingly, the danger can be related to applications themselves. So, experts from the University of Berkeley analyzed a number of popular VPN-programs for Android. Many of them contained security threats. Moreover, some contained a few pieces at the same time – ranging from five and more.

Among the most dangerous ones are OkVpn and EasyVpn, in each of above listed there have been detected over twenty threats. While some of them are completely harmless, the others in the contrary can open access to confidential user data on a smartphone and disrupt the gadget work at all.

To be taken into consideration!

Almost all free VPN applications for Android transmit information about user activity on the Web to third parties.

By the way, not only Google Play is full of such dangerous applications. In 2018, several iOS applications were discovered in the App Store, which in the same way infringed privacy rules, collected and transmitted user data. All in all, though, the situation in the «apple» application store is much better due to more careful control.

Some statistics

These days, the statistics of danger related to VPN applications is disappointing

Up to 60% of applications that infringe upon security requirements are somehow connected with China

More than 85% of applications do not provide the user with any information about their own privacy policies. Or this information is false

More than 60% of developers do not even have their own website, which also increases many doubts

Nearly 85% of services simply ignore any customer support calls

That is, if some kind of VPN application steals your data, and third parties use it for their own purposes, you are left alone with the problem that has occurred.
Get familiar the list of the most dangerous VPN apps for Android. We strongly do not recommend installing and using them on your smartphone.

This problem is widespread and the evidence of it can be the fact that the above mentioned applications have been installed more than 250 million times. Many of them have good grades. The reason is simple — they really perform their functions, and ordinary users simply don’t know what applications “do” in the system besides this.

Why a good and secure VPN service cannot be free?

Developers of a VPN service, which is used by a large number of people, bear very high expenses in several areas

data encryption


tunneling traffic

In the case of paid applications, these costs are fully covered by the users themselves. Most of these services are provided by subscription, which allows you to receive the required income every month.

What do free VPN services do?

Right! They sell user information to third parties in order to pay all their expenses and earn money. Information sales schemes can be very various — from the provision of anonymous statistics to the actual sale of confidential data on the dark.
Therefore, if you really need to use a VPN service on your smartphone, do not use free software. It’s rather better to pay for a subscription in an application that has proven itself and has some track records, and it has not been noticed that it collects user data. Otherwise later you might face with much more serious problems.
And we remind you that our application is not only free, but also guarantees you complete data confidentiality. And it does not require a VPN connection to work!

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